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Your source for precision adjustment data for roll straightening units.

How2Straight enables personnel who operate straightening units to plan roll-type straightening processes with minimal effort. Now for the first time, operators can objectively determine the required positions of the straightening rolls based on mathematical-physical laws. More Info...

How2Straight is a web based service, which uses unit libraries containing information about the needed roll positions to produce straight steel wire having a round cross-sectional geometry. How2Straight calculates and visualizes the roll adjustment data considering the specified process material properties (wire diameter, yield point, modulus of elasticity) and the individual type of straightening unit. The user interface provides appropriate input fields and buttons for this purpose. It is normally quite straightforward to determine or look up the properties of the process material.

All adjustments, which have been calculated and visualized on the user interface, should be made on the straightening unit using the individual process material zero line as a starting point. Whether conventional or semi-automatic straightening equipment is being used is irrelevant.

Using the calculated data in the daily routine of setting up roll straightening units saves labor, time and process material. For the first time How2Straight opens up the possibility to eliminate the empirical or trial and error roll adjustment method.